MindRight Pro.Eliminating Unconscious Performance Blocks

Program Foundations

MindRight Pro is a cutting-edge program that identifies and removes mental and emotional blocks to consistently enhance player performance. The program produces results fast because it gets to the root of why a player is blocked.

The primary obstacle to achieving high performance in any area of life is the unconscious mental blocks that hold us back. These blocks negatively influence performance, and if left unattended, can severely affect the trajectory of a player’s career. For athletes, removing these blocks and improving overall mindset is imperative. This is where MindRight Pro comes in.


Our Fundamentals & Background

MindRight Pro is dedicated to helping players succeed. By incorporating cutting-edge energy psychology, kinesiology, and peak performance principles the program effectively identifies and removes the unconscious performance blocks that inhibit consistent high-level performance.

The program improves mental focus, leadership, and overall performance. It expedites the injury recovery process, eliminates on-court issues, breaks players out of slumps, and increases consistency of play. Each player program is customized and differs uniquely based on profile, issue, and athlete goal.


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